Twenty years in business is the age of maturity and prosperity. The moment when we can proudly give a glance at our past experience and look forward with confidence. The jubilee is a good occasion to review our achievements and to outline promising prospects.

JB-PLAST is the company which has been occupying the leading position on the footwear market for many years. To be a leader is always responsible. It intends daily work of hundreds of people who represent a solid team of people with identity of views. Due to the creative approach, the company is constantly developing new fields of activity, increasing its output volumes and expanding markets. Each employee has made an important contribution to the overall success of the common cause.

The 20th anniversary is a significant date, not only for the team of JB-PLAST. We share our joy of the holiday with our long-term partners and customers. I am convinced that we can continue to implement the main mission of the company – to build good, respectful, equal and creative relationships with all people that in its turn will contribute to mutual pleasure and dynamic development.

V. I. Prit


Our main principles are: JB- PLAST company is sure: the next 20 years will be for the company even more successful. The plans are full of ambitious goals: the continued development of existing assets, the expansion of industrial and geographic priorities, increasing the profitability of activities and efficiency of staff performance.

The task for JB-PLAST is to create quality products, adhering to the highest standards. Highly qualified specialists of JB-PLAST is constantly working to enlarge the product range of articles offered. The Company’s policy is aimed at long-term relationships with partners and customers.

JB-PLAST looks to the future not just with optimism. This is a look of confidence, etermination and desire to make future already today.

Our main principles are:

  • We are Creators!
  • We like to experience the unfamiliar, we like to develop and implement new ideas;
  • We are innovators and we will surely learn how to make the pro ducts that we are not able to produce yet;
  • We are exclusive , we will certainly create something that nobody else has done before;
  • We will do everything to emphasize our individuality;
  • We are professionals and we are responsible for the quality of products;
  • We adore our work, we want and we know how to do it;
  • We are a solid team of individuals sharing the same views, both men and women, who continually develop and implement their best qualities. And we are proud of it!
  • We are constantly perfecting ourselves in order to become better tomorrow than we are today;
  • We see the future and are creating the future already now!